Weekend Theme


It’s Friday morning, nice and early. I awoke easily on my own before the alarm.

The small pleasures in life are mine; one of which is waking refreshed and alert before the radio alarm starts up. That means I slept well, and as those who suffer from insomnia will agree, a good straight-through night’s sleep is a truly wonderful thing. Funny how as a child you take sleep for granted, even resenting the need to stop doing what you are doing and do it, then when somehow you lose the ability, you want it so much.

Another small pleasure of mine is reading blogs. One of the self-created pleasures here is the weekend theme. It all started some years ago when reading blogs I wondered what a bunch of interesting bloggers would all do when faced with the same topic. As ‘challenges’ were being put out daily (usually a list of questions to ask, many of which were culturally limiting) I decided to put out a more open challenge. And so the first weekend challenge went out. What fun, words, pictures, serious discussions, jokes. After a few years it seemed that people had become tired of it, but when I stopped it there was a small outcry. So I decided on a small change and made it the weekend theme instead.

There are a few guidelines, but only 1 rule.

The guidelines are:

a) create your post, and to be a part of the weekend theme reading trail, leave a message on my post that starts the theme with a link to your post.

b) try to finish one weekend theme’s post before the next is announced, and that is just to avoid confusing me. (PS no points are gained for confusing me as it is too easy to achieve)

c) go and read the other posts on the theme, it is fun to see the differing treatments of one theme

and the RULE, the most important thing – Have FUN with it.

So this weekend the theme is


51 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

      1. No, I mean that the Xjruians were in the very first post I wrote for the Weekend Theme, and they’re back in this one…

        I’d never give you a second-hand post, thinking up a new one each week is too much fun.

  1. There’s a version of Cinderella where the father asks his daughters what he should bring back from them on his travels. While the ugly sisters ask for jewels and clothes, Cinderella asks for the first branch which strikes her father’s head.

    The term has grown up with me: and every Friday somehow I picture a new branch striking your head, and a new idea being born.

    This week is a very special an exotic branch indeed 🙂

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