The Decision

I was MIA due to a nasty gastric bug all weekend. And just to prove that one weekend theme does not end before the next is posted, here’s my contribution.


Tonight was the night. I was so sure. I’d had my hair done at lunchtime after college, and when I walked past the jeweller’s shop where Roger and I had seen that perfect ring in the window, the lady assistant had smiled at me and shown me the thumbs up!

I bathed and dressed carefully; that silver dress that I had been keeping since almost the day I met Roger 6 months previously. I had always imagined being proposed to, with my hair swept up, and in a beautiful silver dress. Shivers of excitement shook me, TONIGHT!

Roger arrived at 7. As usual perfectly groomed and in a suit. He had flowers for my mother, but nor for me. I pouted. Mother patted my cheek, “You spoil her Roger” she purred burying her nose in the beautiful pink and white roses. “Remember to be home before 11”, mother called as we left, “my daughter can’t be out till midnight until she turns 18”.

Off we went in Roger’s beautiful sports car and stopped outside one of the city’s most romantic restaurants. Roger and I walked in hand in hand; I was trembling from excitement. He smiled and squeezed my hand. I was always so proud to be seen with Roger, he was so mature, a real man.

We were shown to an almost secluded corner of the restaurant where large potted plants hid us from view. I was a bit annoyed as I looked so good and I wanted everyone present to witness Roger’s proposal and also my big decision.

We dined well, or I would have if excitement hadn’t robbed me a bit of my hunger. I hadn’t eaten any lunch either.

Eventually after our main course we sat privately, chatting about Roger’s day (mine was too boring to discuss) and how his boss had told him he was up for a promotion soon. Then Roger suddenly stood up, straightened his shoulders and came around to me, he knelt and took my hand in his. “Mary-Lou will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” he asked, rather solemnly.

“Oh yes Roger, I’d like that more than anything else in the world” I replied. I think my voice squeaked a little, I hoped he didn’t notice that. Then he reached in his pocket and brought out a little red velvet box and opened it. It wasn’t the ring I had seen, but it was beautiful anyway. He took my hand and slid the ring onto my finger. It fitted perfectly. I stood up as he did and we embraced and kissed. The most romantic kiss ever.

The couple near us, the only ones who could see into our little nook, applauded, and we turned smiling.

When we sat down again, I looked at Roger and said “Now I can make THE DECISION!”

He looked at me baffled, “I thought you just had” he said.

“No silly”, I laughed. “I’ve known I wanted to marry you from the day we met, but you promised me I could decide if we drank white or pink champagne the day we got engaged, and I have decided –  PINK!”

18 thoughts on “The Decision

  1. What a great story, Sidey.
    Our decision was to have a silver ring for engagement and gold for wedding, matching, without any stones. The decision was June’s.

    We have so far lasted for 46 years.!

    Thank you for your sharing, Sidey.

    1. I think far more important decisions are possible than hers.
      You two seem to have created a real life together – 46 years is not to be sneezed at

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