Weekend Theme

Friday again, gosh they seem to come past so very fast. (Why do we all say things like that as we get older?)

Last Friday I spent 9 hours door to door going from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The delay all caused by the smaller local airport not having the same tarmac that gets rid of excessive rain, the kind the other airports have. So our plane tried landing twice and twice skidded and shot off into the sky again. It then went off for a breather (I bet the passengers needed it so very badly by then) at the biggest airport in the country. When the water had gone and the sun was making valiant efforts to peep through, back came our plane (with the well shaken passengers) and off we went.

Spending hours and hours sitting in an airport when you really want to be on your way is something most of us experience at least once, but I have done it too many times to be excited by it.

Anyhoo (anyone remember Trinity?) its Friday as I said at the beginning of my long ramble, so it’s time to post the weekend theme.

For those who are old hands at the theme, skip to the next paragraph. Every Friday I post the weekend theme, a way for many bloggers to all tackle something similar as a topic, but as readers to see just how many ways there are to visualise the same theme. All a blogger needs do is create a post (any blogging platform will do) and come back here or here to leave a comment with a link to their post on the theme. That allows us to wander around and see them all.  There is just one rule. “Have fun”

This weekend the theme is


53 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. There are some pretty crafty bloggers here so maybe I decide to try my hand and maybe I decide to do it anonymously
    I like the have fun part!

    PS get a Kindle it makes waiting for a flight less painful!

    1. go for it, it’s all just a bitof fun

      i had my ipad, played online, read etc. but i was cold and hungry. if we had just known how long we could all have gone for a proper breakfast and been a whole lot less grumpy

  2. I expect Fridays will come even faster for me now that I’m {mumblemumble} – yesterday was my birthday and I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll reveal my advanced age… but perhaps I can make some sort of decision about this theme – I mean, put pen to paper, write… right? 😀

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      1. . . .or other plans. But you know, “humans plan, God laughs!” Nancy – you must have made the decision to be redundant today – wonder what was happening in your your life while you made that decision? 😆

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