Pinky’s quizzy thingy

My buddy Pinky does these food related quizzes. I always answer 100%

1 What tree gives us prunes?   Aha! That’s easy – prune trees!

2. What drupaceous fruit were Hawaiian women once forbidden by law to eat? What is a drupaceous fruit?

 3. What is Tapenade? Kinda squishy stuff. I think olives and anchovies plus siomething a bit more sharp were in it.

4. What are the main ingredients of Alfredo sauce? Alfredo, ham, mushrooms and cream

5. What is the difference between Oregano and Marjoram? I think they are cousins, but I know they do taste different

6. What is the Amla herb and how is it used? Hashim Amla is a cricketer and it is rude to talk of cricketers as if they are just plants.

7. What do you use to make Wasabi? I give it to anyone stupid enough to want it.

8. What is the difference between a compote and a coulis? A compote is chunkier and only has fruit in it, a coulis is somewhat smoother with fruit and / or veggies

9. What is Alfajores and where did it originate from? Its biscuits made with alfafa, connected with peanut butter and with some drupaceous fruit on the outside. Where it comes from, nobody knows, maybe the elves make it?

10. What is “pão” (pãozinho)? What you say when Ciao doesn’t seem quite appropriate?

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