I wonder

I wonder, why some families seem to always be full of strife and anger and others love each other, make the effort to accommodate each other, and let everyone be a part of everything?

I wonder why some people feel the need to abuse or kill animals. Does it make them feel powerful, or compensate for feelings of inadequacy? While others respect all life.

I wonder why some people never see the beauty around them, and others fill their lives with delight in the world around then, the joys of a beautiful sky, the smiles they see, the flowers, and greenery making patterns and peace.
I wonder why some people have hearts that don’t seem to work properly, and others have love for everyone?


20 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Some people are just born angry. Others are born with compassion and love. And then there are some that is born innocent, but their innocence gets killed by adults that abuse them and then they turn out to be mean themselves, because they know no other way 😦

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