Weekend theme

It’s Friday morning and I am sitting at the local airport, waiting for my flight which has been “indefinitely delayed” by the weather. Its only raining and foggy here, not enough to stop the takeoff. We all got quite excited when one plane came in, but that was for the earlier flight. Oh well, I’m not due till lunchtime.
So it’s time to dream up the weekend theme. Having had a chat to the two delightful ladies they helped me come up with the theme ofย 
“I wonder”
As usual, to play along, create your post, then come back here and leave a message with a link so that others can go and read all the contributions.
The only rule is “have fun”


52 thoughts on “Weekend theme

  1. I wonder what I’ll write? I wonder what makes me think I will? I wonder what on earth your girls were wondering about? I wonder if your plane ever took off? i wonder if you made your meeting in time? I wonder as I wander. . .


    1. not this trip, sorry. Last night was time stolen from family time. Now it’s shopping related to the wedding, a kiddies birthday party, a big meet-the-other-family dinner, and an engagement party tomorrow.

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