Thursday Morning Musings

My last day of work before a long weekend. 3 days of it.

Why do we always stress over doing too much before we go away. It will all still be there when we get back? Especially from such a short break.

I’m so looking forward to it. My favourite little girls, each with a friend for movies tomorrow afternoon.  I did it fairly easily for the previous generation; will I be able to cope with this one?

I remember magic afternoons with my great aunt. Just she and I. Off to children’s theatre, then a bus ride back out of the city centre to where she lived in a ‘boarding house’. The magic of her room, quite different from home. Sitting on my favourite spot, her Chinese kist, the very one that is in my entrance hall today. I do remember when my parents brought it to me, not having seen it for years I was shocked at how small it really is. In my memory it was a lot larger.  Funny how a different body size makes one relate differently to things.

At Christmas I spent time with the girls, making necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.

I sometimes wonder what their memory of me will be when I too have gone?

13 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Musings

  1. Enjoy the weekend!
    I remember how narrow the street, where I grew up, looked when I went back as an adult.

  2. I’ve often thought the same thing! For the ones who see you frequently over the years, I would imagine that their pictures of us are probably in line with most people’s, but little ones who do not see you for extended periods of time, and maybe only a few times before we die, it is a mystery what they will remember. Sort of fun to think about.

    You are so blessed to be able to have this time with “the girls!” I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings: “Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted.” This weekend will long be a part of their best memories! Have lots of fun making memories!

    1. i so enjoy them. when I was at my most stressed over the house fixing after the flood i spent a few hours in the very early morning just sitting while they played, so soothing for me

  3. The key is not to wonder if they will remember you fondly. That happens automatically, especially if you have fun with them.
    Perhaps you would be interested in my poem “Children” on
    I hope you like it.


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