This weekend’s descriptions of YUPPIES and DINKYS made me remember the era. Young professionals, making the kind of money that their parents had usually only been able to dream of. Living a life of designer labels, working hard, playing hard, being seen in the right places, having the right place to live, Finding the ‘right’ friends.

Finding a partner, living the life of two incomes, more financial freedom than any other generation had had.

Then I thought of the pressure, keeping up the right face on all fronts. All I can remember  is the relief that there was no pressure for me to be like that.


12 thoughts on “Yuppies

  1. Thanks for the sharing, Sidey.
    I was never near a Yuppie. When June and I were married we had very little in the way of money, and very little in the way of possessions.
    But we had each other and a growing family, and somehow the promotions came, and the rises, when necessary. How blest we have been, to have what Paula calls “Enough”.


  2. As Rocky might say . . . I coulda been a contenda!

    Except that I hate shopping . . . and am not impressed with designer labels . . . and prefer pizza to foie gras and oysters . . . and didn’t want to live in a McMansion . . . and . . . . 😉

    Interesting flashback. Thanks, Sidey.

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