Valentine’s Challenge

Roses are Red Violets are Blue Sugar is sweet And so are you   We’ve all heard it a million times. And we have all seen many, many variations of this. A challenge for you all Write another one and leave it as a message, I’ll put them all together from the 24 sites as […]


It all started the day we went go cart racing. He deliberately drove into the back of my little cart. I’d really forgotten that jerking my head around in a crash helmet would give me neck problems. On Monday he looked at me in the neck brace and mocked me. “if you want to play […]

Weekend Theme

As it is once again Friday its time for the weekend theme. And as I have to rush out to start working at 7.30 I need to be quick over it. So with no more ado here it is Revenge If you’d like to play along it’s quite simple. You create a post around the […]

Morning musings

Finding something that more or less meets a need you have had for some time is always great. When I was travelling to ‘foreign parts’ frequently and lugging a laptop with me, I often wished for a smart phone that could run PowerPoint presentations and drive a projector. The idea of walking in with just […]

60 years and still going strong

60 years ago on 6 February a young woman accepted a family responsibility and became Queen (regent until coronation) of England – and a whole lot more besides. Imagine starting a new job as a young wife and mother, and the terms of employment were for life. That was all the fault of her rascally […]

The weekend

The weekend was here, all the planning, all the dreaming now was reality. We boarded the plane on Friday evening, a little weary and dirty after a day of work and the rush to the airport. But waking up to the sea would make the rush worth-while. Landing in the dark, the few lights we […]

Weekend Theme

Friday; the day for winding up the week’s work effort, planning the weekend activities (or lack thereof). For me it’s also the day to post the weekend theme. For the last 2 weeks I have really battled to write my contribution. This seems to be related to website content I have to put together. I […]