Wednesday’s words

Do you enjoy the very bright youngsters? Yesterday afternoon I again spent some time with one of ours. He’s ranked something silly in IQ against the others at Mensa.

What I do find interesting is that he has a few ‘quirks’. (Why do I think the intelligent ones shouldn’t also be human?)

He doesn’t like to do anything where he can’t do it well, or extremely well – that’s his preference. I realised it’s probably because he’s not accustomed to failing, being more accustomed to doing best of all around him.

He doesn’t like cats. I suspect they are too unpredictable.

For some reason he and I just clicked when we met. I feel like a doting aunt, chatting and enjoying watching him. We met by chance yesterday as we were there for different reasons, but had fun with the chat, discussing a model he is building for a new customer project, where I’m the one in the company who has the most experience of the customer so I could add some useful stuff for the discussion.

Over the hour I realised just how thirsty I must have been, I polished off an iced tea, glass of water and then a latte, and still when I got home had another glass of water. He had – HORLICKS. In warm weather in the daytime.

Wow! If I’d done that I’d have been asleep under the table in two minutes.

I think I should get some for those nights I can’t sleep.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday’s words

  1. I do and I don’t enjoy them. I love the enthusiasm they sparkle, but after a while they exhaust me with it all and I have to find my own space to stop my head spinning! Must be getting old 😦 🙂

  2. As a man well below Mensa level, I also drink Horlicks in the daytime.
    I’m not sure about in the heat though, Sidey.


  3. My bright son (am I allowed say that?) doesn’t like cats at for their unpredictability….and is finding our new kitten a little hard to bear!

  4. Everybody has their quirks – regardless of intelligence.
    As for the Horlicks – don’t know if it really puts you to slepp, or maybe just in a better fram of mind 😉

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