Monday Morning

Monday, woken during the night by gently falling rain and some distant thunder. I hate waking when I can’t go back to sleep, it makes the whole day feel foggy.

Yesterday we spent outdoors, first sitting round under the trees, just chatting and eating some snacky stuff for starters, then around the table for a long and chatty lunch. The weather was lovely warm without feeling too hot. After the previous week, I suppose I should have been suspicious, cooling down before the rain can only mean Autumn’s long fingers are beginning to sneak into the picture.

I do like Spring and Autumn, not too hot and not too cold, but they seem to go past so very fast. I think my mental seasonal boundaries may be somewhat mixed up as they should each be 3 months.

20 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Last night must have been a restless night. The last time I checked time it was just before 1 am. I’m sure I stayed up another hour after that and was up before 6.

    1. I love the fading of the heat, the leaves falling (though I have a lot of raking to do then) and then wine we are tired of freezing, the little starts of warmth.

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