Thursday Musings

Chatting to someone yesterday while we both waited for Chinese takeaway, was pleasant enough. While in that drowsy state between awake and asleep the conversation wandered back into my head.

A young actor, reading a book on mime, wanting to refresh or improve his grasp of the medium. We got chatting about what techniques are used to get a message across to someone.  He said something I think he meant to be profound, yet I took a somewhat lighter meaning from it.

He said that for something to exist, its opposite must exist first. One of those lovely circular discussions that can eat up happy (usually alcohol assisted) hours.

Yet it struck me that he was right in an odd way. For something to surprise you or make you laugh, the opposite needed to be present in your mind. The surprise is when you are presented with that which is opposite to what you had in mind.

So with that in my head I’m off to face the day. See who I can surprise.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Musings

  1. I think that you are right . . . sometimes I laugh because something is so “on the money” . . . but other times it’s because it surprised me.

    A dog runs up to his water bowl.
    Instead of taking the expected drink, he dives into the bowl with two paws and doggie paddles the water all over the floor.

    It makes us laugh . . . because Tigger does the same thing. And it’s always a bit of a surprise.

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