It all started the day we went go cart racing. He deliberately drove into the back of my little cart. I’d really forgotten that jerking my head around in a crash helmet would give me neck problems.

On Monday he looked at me in the neck brace and mocked me. “if you want to play with the boys, you have to take the consequences”

Some weeks later my chance for revenge came. Never let it be said that I shy away from a challenge.

The techies had all been having a cup of coffee before starting out on the days work when the chap from the help desk had come into the rest area. He commented that someone smelled good. It was my nemesis! They proceeded to a conversation about aftershave. All of this was told to me by another of the techies.

Knowing of a level of homophobia In the man, I struck. It was before the days of cellphones, when the techies carried a pager that allowed one to send them a message.

I sent a pager message. “you smell Devine, please be mine. From Cedric”

Then I sat and waited to hear.

His buddy came past and I told him. He laughed and went off to see what was happening.

My victim was in a panic. He had checked back with the pager company. Yes the message was from our company, and destined for his pager id.

Then I discovered the hand fate was taking in my revenge. The company had a few male secretaries, one of whom, fortunately named Cedric, had travelled in the lift with him that morning.

The story went round the department like wildfire.

By lunchtime my victim was looking particularly haggard when he stopped at my desk to chat. He told me of the message and of how it was disturbing him.

Behind him, his buddy was frantically waving telling me not to let on yet. So I kindly sympathized and told him he must be absolutely the most attractive man poor Cedric had smelt for a while.

The day went on, with reports from various people of the state he was in.

When he came past at mid-afternoon, I had to relent because he was visibly wilting under the stress.

Poor man, as I told him, various others came around to laugh.

Revenge was so sweet that day.


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