60 years and still going strong

60 years ago on 6 February a young woman accepted a family responsibility and became Queen (regent until coronation) of England – and a whole lot more besides. Imagine starting a new job as a young wife and mother, and the terms of employment were for life. That was all the fault of her rascally uncle Edward who decided being with his Popsy (as PG Woodhouse would put it) was better than being King.

The rest of us make plans for retirement from formal employment. We now and then change job. We (and our families) can have ups and downs in our personal lives without them being in the media. And of course the boring and nasty types she is expected to entertain on behalf of her country. I think the sheer rigidity of her life would have had me gnawing at my wrists on a regular basis.

There are compensations, money, travel, meeting some interesting people. But then everyone wants to know what she spends her money on, her trips usually involve appearing for the media, meeting people who will never become friends, and who won’t even have an interesting conversation over a cup of coffee with her. Having a huge section of the wilds of Scotland as her family’s own to roam about in beautiful rather stark nature. (Of course it’s too cold for them all to romp around starkers.)

And of course she can request who she wants for a concert once a year. That could have some aspects of fun to it.

All in all, I think I can say to her “well done, you held together where I would have collapsed. Now the next target is to reign for longer than Victoria, then who knows?”


21 thoughts on “60 years and still going strong

  1. I agree with you, Elizabeth has done an amazing job, a job which I would not want for anything. Imagine having your every move, facial expression and clothing scrutinized by a bunch of journalists who should take a good look at themselves before passing comment. Must be terrible.

    I am a Royalist, and proud of it!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m a Dutch Royalist (of course) and I also think that life for Elizabeth couldn’t have been easy. I don’t think she knew any better, though, but I wonder if she sometimes wished she had been born a commoner.

    I hope she manages to hold on to let William do the job after her instead of Charles.

  3. One of my randoms has a major problem with the Queen.
    Can’t seem to grasp the fact the Royals of England will probably never go away.
    It will always be a bit of a fairy tale…
    Long live the Queen!

  4. I so admire Her Majesty. What a strong woman, and a great job she’s done for all these years. England will be a poorer place when she eventually goes. God save the Queen! 😉

  5. Sidey, I’ve always been of fan of QE II. My next door neighbor growing up was English, and she taught me so much about her when I was a little girl. I’ve followed her my whole life, and, even though I am not her subject, I admire her example very much.

    1. she is a woman who has understood and kept her vow to her country.

      she has done it all with grace and makes what is in many ways an extremely difficult lifestyle appear simple to carry out.

      its easy to understand all those people who love, admire and respect her

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