Weekend Theme

Friday; the day for winding up the week’s work effort, planning the weekend activities (or lack thereof). For me it’s also the day to post the weekend theme. For the last 2 weeks I have really battled to write my contribution. This seems to be related to website content I have to put together. I need to make everything shorter and shorter, I’m battling and stressing. I have a nervous rash, my mind goes blank, my temper is shorter than I am (and that’s pretty short).

Round one for the ‘short’ descriptions is almost complete, so MAYBE I’ll be able to write other things again.

Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, what to make the weekend theme.

I’m in a perverse mood, so the weekend theme is

The weekend

As usual, create your post and then leave a message here so that others can follow the link.

The rules – only the one rule. Have fun doing it!


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