Getting accustomed to new technology

This is my first blog post from my iPad. I’m having fun learning how to use it. What most impresses me in these few minutsissies just how well the touch keyboard works. When I think how often the blackberry touchpad has mis-read my fingers, this is a real pleasure. Of course it’s also playing soft early morning music for me! Another pleasure.

Now what I need is some way to prop it up a little higher so that it’s optimally placed for my glasses.

I suspect that once I have downloaded the books and reader this thing and I will become inseparable.

Now I have to work out how to make all my favorite blogs on my search list – more fun for later.


25 thoughts on “Getting accustomed to new technology

    1. all the same, only the display size, phone for making phone calls. pod – for music and video (teeny screen) pad – video calls, and the best rollerdex in town

  1. good luck to you with the Ipad. I did my first blog from my blackberry last week and enjoyed that, so I’m very interested to hear that the Ipad seems better. Hope you keep us informed, and maybe I’ll change devices!

  2. I want one!!!!!
    Keep thinking, if I can just get the bloody kids to pay me some money I could afford to get an iPad on a data contract of some kind.
    Alas, they see me as a great, big bank that just spouts money…

    1. you need to be sure why you want one. it’s a pretty costly mistake if you are not sure what it can do for you. mine is primarilty for work – project meetings and such, not for serious typing

  3. Ach, I have my iPad but I still blog from my laptop unless I am away….Wordpress don’t seem to have got their act together for us 3G posters….

    In the end I downloaded a simple word processor – perfect – now I write the post on there and paste into the WP app.

    Enjoy. It’s a wonderful invention….

  4. My phone died mid-comment, so here I am on the iPad.

    Blogsy is an awesome app for the iPad, Sidey. It makes writing a post a breeze. So much better than doing it in WP on the iPad.

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