Events that have a common meaning, some sort of common ‘theme’ some common outcome, synchronicity.

Is co-incidence real, is it pre-destined in some way. Can we influence what happens around us so that things ‘just happen’ at the same time?

I often find it interesting that people have just posted, or are just about to post something appropriate for the weekend theme. Do we get onto the same ‘wavelength’? Is it just co-incidence?

Carl Jung believed it was more than two people being temporarily aligned with each other. He saw it in the world at large, objects and events coinciding with events in our minds.

Hints to answers in situations in our lives, maybe they don’t always come from our sub-conscious, but from something providing us with clues, guidance.

Where from? Who knows? Maybe the source is what we expect it to be, different for each.

10 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. I expect that we are all connected to a vast Universal “internet” . . . a world wide web of energy that allows us to share information, thoughts, ideas, creativity . . . and know what we could not know using our other five senses.

    Great post and theme, Sidey!

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