Weekend Theme

It’s Friday of a somewhat hectic week. I’ve been more of less absent from the blogs simply from exhaustion and lack of time.

Anyway the weekend looms tantalisingly near, a little free time to play.

Last weekend, as has happened previously Kate Shrewsday had her post ready and posted it almost as soon as the theme was posted. I think she has some control over my tiny mind.  That is impressive because you have to dig through many layers of protective cotton wool to find it.

So this weekend the theme is Synchronicity.

Before Colonialist digs through all the previous themes (and before that challenges) back to 2007 I believe it is a repeat of one some time back.

As usual, post your contribution to the theme, leave a message here with a link, so that others can visit all of the posts and enjoy the variety.

And of course the rule. Have fun with it.


27 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I don’t remember this one before, and if you had it I hope I haven’t subconsciously duplicated what I did then. Anyway, if I have, it would be carrying synchronicity to extreme limits!

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