Weekend Theme

Its Friday again.  It seems to have come faster this week than last. There is a very simple explanation for that. Last week was, for me, the first 5 day working week in quite a few. Here in South Africa the 16th of December is a holiday, as well as the December 25/26 (and this year 27th) as well as January 1st, plus of course most of us try to take some leave over the height of summer.

And then, after all those weeks of at least 1 day off, the real work-a-day world returns with all its demands. No wonder the first full working week seems so extremely long.

However I should be over that now, and my mental clock re-stabilised into routine.

Of course as its Friday I should be posting the weekend theme.

This week I thought we should go into the realms of the possible, impossible or maybe just improbable. So the theme is “an alternate reality”.

As usual, create your post, and leave a message here and / or here so others can read all of the entries; and of course as usual the rule is “Have fun with it.”


24 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Oh dear – how could I possibly cope with this theme? It would require someone who is familiar with realities other than the reality which everyone else accepts as reality … 🙂

  2. So what I have done is another of my posts based on the maxim of ‘how to win friends and influence people’!
    Because of the fantasy connection implied by the theme, another may follow!

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