Why is this always a problem?

I was not surprised to hear that there was chaos yesterday at the University of Johannesburg as students who hadn’t already applied for entrance all arrived with their parents etc. The fault is not only that of the universities, but of the experience the parents have had over the preceding years at schools.

Some years ago, doing a guest lecture, in the discussions I discovered that there is a problem every year at schools. Parents do NOT register their children for school until January, or sometimes February. Because they don’t have the money after Christmas spending.

There are NO government awareness campaigns to ensure registration before the preceding school year ends. There are NO penalties for late registration, yet the schools are blamed for not ordering materials in time.  There is no feedback on how late the children are registered. Putting in a late registration fee to help do emergency ordering and delivery of school material may help.

How can you do accurate ordering in November when only 10-20% of children have registered by then?

So these same families who have always just arrived at the school and expected their child to have entry will now complain about discrimination against them by the tertiary institutions because they did NO PLANNING.

How is it that people who want something also think someone else must always do the organising for them?


6 thoughts on “Why is this always a problem?

    1. I think so. And having a government that wants to centralise more and more will lead to more and more sheep, unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery

  1. It’s the same all over the world, Sidey. Parents have been so wound up about their kids’ education because it has become a political football,
    and always in the news!! I agree about the brewery.


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