Women, pressies and some bubbles

One of my favourite things about my birthday is that every year in Olso there are a bunch of people who also get pressies. Not just because they managed to stay alive for another year (as I have just done) , but because of stuff they have done.

For a long time as a child I believed I shared a birthday with Alfred Nobel, and was somewhat disconcerted when I discovered the day was the commemoration of his death.

Yesterday was one of those days when I really enjoyed reading the peace prize. Not to a fellow South African, but this time shared between 3 women. Why didn’t they just give it to them over 3 years? However, this year I believe it was almost just about how women are making themselves heard in the cause of peace. Wonderful, inspiring stuff.

Peace is hard won, often by those who risk their lives in the process, who have to know where they are going, and keep focused on the goals.

So to celebrate the recognition of their work and achievements, I raise my glass of birthday bubbly and say “Cheers” to all women.

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