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Friday morning, with wonderful Johannesburg rain falling down, wetting the world and making everything clean and cool and rather grey. I woke very early to the sounds of rain, always special in a country prone to periodic droughts.

I lay thinking about how every place I have lived had its own special ‘rain sounds’. As a child I lived in a home with a tin roof. Often lulled to sleep by the sounds of rain hitting the roof.  After we moved city and I moved on into living elsewhere for quite a while I was deprived of this special sound.

My first flat (apartment is too grand a word for a 1 room place with a bathroom) was on the top floor, and once again I became accustomed to the lovely rain sounds on the roof.

After that for many years I again lived where someone (in one case many someones) lived above me, and rain sounds were drips elsewhere, on the balcony, in the garden.

9 years ago I bought this house with a tin roof, and looked forward to hearing rain on the roof again. Sadly building techniques have moved on, and now a tin roof is very well insulated, so not only is heat kept out, but rain sounds don’t come through. But the house still has its own set of ‘rain-sounds’, each now as dear to me as in any other place I have lived.

However as time is flying on and I need to start working soon, its time to post the weekend theme. This weekend it’s

“The unexpected”

As usual, create your post using the theme, and leave a message here so others can follow the leads to read them all, and of course as usual the only rule is HAVE FUN WITH IT.


http://blogs.news24.com/Sarchasm/sideys-challenge-unexpected – the most powerful post

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