Christmas Music

As a child I always enjoyed one special thing about my birthday. We decorated the tree! When I was older we also sent out Christmas cards. The present making (we children had to be creative when pocket money was somewhat limited). Back then, other than the traditional Christmas Carols, there was no ‘Christmas Music’ except maybe Bing Crosby’s  “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” which didn’t really do the right things for kids leaping into the pool and getting sun-burnt.

However this year I get to go to a Christmas Carols concert on my birthday, promises of old favourites and some new ones. I love some of the lesser-known carols. The Holly and the Ivy being one that always gives me goose-bumps. 

Memories of the first time I consciously head the Hallelujah Chorus; as a smallish child taken to a concert at the Johannesburg City Hall. Falling asleep in my seat, and being roused to stand, the goosebumps starting in my drowsy state as the music swelled and took over my consciousness. To this day I still react like that.

Recently I gave in and bought the Boney-M CD, never to be loaded on the Ipod in case it sneaks out during the year.  Thinking of the songs associated with Christmas took me back to the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover partnership in those cop movies, the first set at Christmas. What was that song from the movie?

Now I don’t quite have an earworm, I have an ear-vacuum.


17 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. There were several Christmas songs in that movie, weren’t there? – I’ll Be Home for Christmas?
    I get that goosebumpy feeling with the Hallelujah Chorus as well – but come to think of it, I also get it with Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (hardly in the same category)… 🙂

    1. Yesterday I posted Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as a momento for a friend who died this time last year, she loved his work.

      I think it was Jinglebells Rock in the movie

    1. it;s for dancing around to while getting drunk and doing the tree, then I give it to the littlies to take home with them when they go back to cape town – hehehe

  2. Happy Birthday, Sidey!

    The Hallelujah Chorus is indeed something very special. A few days ago I went with my family to a concert at the Wollongong Town Hall. The Illawarra Choral Society presented MESSIAH by George Frideric Handel. When the Hallelujah Chorus was sung everybody in the audience got up and a lot of people sang along with the choir.

    By the way Wollongong is in Australia a bit south of Sydney.

    Wishing you also a Merry Christmas! Love Uta

    1. thanks Uta,

      the story goes that the English King George II was so impressed he stood for the Hallelujah corus at a performance of the Messiah, giving rise to the tradition that audienvces stand for it

      I have been to Sydney, but not to Wollongong

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