Full of it

Full of the joys of summer. That’s me.

Trees, bushes, smaller plants, all in full leaf, flowering, budding, promises being made and delivered. The sunny days, warm to the point of discomfort sometimes, and of course that just makes popping off to the pool a delight.

The afternoon, evening rainstorms, yes they can spoil an outdoors evening, but the whole world seems to smell fresher the next morning because of them.

People wearing summer colours, why don’t we wear them in winter too?

The happy noises from the poolside as children play, shrieking in fun, laughing, splashing and “Watch me”-ing.

And then soon, time to spend with friends and family, usually outside, warm, with something cool to drink, easy food, good conversation.

And then yesterday – 2 Woolies Yummy-tubs. One with Blackberries, one with Raspberries. That tart sweetness and tastes. Reminiscent of my childhood when we had the bushes in the veggie garden, stealing them warm off the bush.

8 thoughts on “Full of it

  1. Lovely, halcyon summer days… And I’ve been looking all over for a nice winter coat that isn’t drab colour-wise, so far with no luck. 😦

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