Weekend Theme

Don’t ask me how I thought today was Thursday. Oops, no Weekend theme posted! It’s easy because I decided on it yesterday while driving (and being grateful for my car’s very effective air conditioner) This week the theme is “things aren’t always what they seem to be”

Anticipation – Part 4

  Jacob cleared his throat, and started again. “I watched him for several days after that, and he was always around. Then a week later, the same thing, only during the afternoon was when he disappeared. I noticed one of the guards had spoken to him quietly some hours earlier, so it seemed an arranged […]

Anticipation – Part 3

Jacob cleared his throat, Sally’s emotion seemed to be affecting him. “At first he seemed just another nice chap there, you know him, dependable, always willing to help someone.  So we became friends. Then he seemed to be disappearing every now and then. Sometimes he was just sitting with others, but sometimes he really seemed […]

Anticiption – Part 2

As people seemed to want to know what happened………… Sally danced on down the stairs, smiling and humming. Ben was home, her Ben. Now all was well again and their lives together could start. Mariah watched as the man turned around and started walking up to the house. He walked a bit stiffly, Ben had […]

Tuesday thoughts

There is something special about a summer morning up here on the Highveld; especially if it has rained a little during the night. The day is all sparkly clean, the air has a special freshness, colours appear better. This is the time of year when I so appreciate living here. We really do have great […]

Monday morning musings

Marie Curie would have been 144 had she lived so long. As it was she died from the results of exposure to radiation. Marie Skłodowska Curie (7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934).  67 was only a little young to die back then, for anyone who actually survived the first world war, educated and city-protected […]


The war is over; I’ll never get to be a soldier Peace again, how many have we really lost? Ben will be coming home! Teddy, the 17 year old, looks at his books sadly. Now he will have to study harder. Then his face brightens. The dream of becoming a vet can return. It was […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday.  The day of the week when we look forward to the weekend, at least those of us who work look forward to it. One of my favourite things about a weekend is, if I have been insomniac during the night and at my normal rising time feel sleepy again, I can usually go […]