What if?


 an economy goes along based on one person producing what another wants (more or less)

and money represents the relative value between producer and buyer,  

what happens when the buyers return it without having paid for it, yet no-one else wants it?

what happens when the buyers don’t pay at all, or claim it has no value, or claim they can’t pay even though they have consumed it?

what happens when the producer gives up because no-one wants/can afford/wants to pay for what he produces?

what happens when this is on a huge scale?


7 thoughts on “What if?

    1. what if?

      What if we all decided not to pay for train transport? What if we all bought homes and then decided to leave them – leaving the bank with 100% bonds uncovered? What if no-one wanted services from the hairdresser, or each who came then refused to pay?

      Stuff that’s led us into the financial meltdown

  1. One part of it is that the megabanks make money with money and there is nothing tangible to exchange so there are no jobs. They drain money out of the economy which in turn leaves nothing for investment to create jobs. We are a consumer driven economy. The megacorps produce things but Keep salaries so low the workers cannot be consumers of the products
    they make. If nothing is being bought production drops and layoffs increase leaving even less money to keep the economic engine running. To crank it up they need to increase salaries which helps everyone prosper but the megabanks and megacorps are too greedy to see the folly of their own policies.

  2. the other night on Gordon Ramsay’s show he told a restaurant to refire a meal if the customer changes his mind, even after the meal is cooked! NO WAYS!

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