Thursday morning musings

Lying in bed, awake ahead of the alarm always gives me some thinking time, sometimes useful, sometimes frustrating.

This morning I was somehow thinking back over the past few months, wondering why some of the difficult situations arose. I realised it was generally because people (myself included) either tried to apply something different when the previous approach would still apply, or tried to use the same approach when something totally different was needed.

So as usual I came to unanswerable questions, which in turn drove me to get up and make myself some coffee (question is this a working or non-working approach?)

When details change, but the principles should remain the same, why on earth do people lose sight of what was good or useful in the past and start making the same mistakes as were made in the past?

When the basic principles change, why do people assume that what worked previously will still work?

So really what I’m asking myself is how do you teach people to tell the difference, have just the details changed, or have the basics?

8 thoughts on “Thursday morning musings

    1. talking about making a department more effective, all people wanted to do was say “work harder’ not look at how the supporting system can automate a whole load of things they now spend manual time working out in order to make decisions. here the details have to change, the outcome is the same for effectiveness, but the efficiency will be enhanced – the princilpes remain the same

      their old business model was to take hardware spares and replace them on site, now they do hardware fixes, software installations and fixes, networks, all together. the principles are somewhat different. in the old model, they were phoned when something broke – purely reactive to failure, now they can use monitoring software to tell them something is not working or is abolut to fail and be proactive before the failure, and they re also doing new things – installing and supporting programs on PCs.

  1. This question can only be answered by you, Sidey. I have no idea what you are talking about… Maybe you should write guidelines to give your clients or employees, whoever you are frustrated with.

  2. Unfortunately, I think most people will continue to operate on the principle of discovering that a door is closed by trying to walk through it and bashing their noses.

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