Something for nothing!

When it sounds too good for words, it’s not REAL.

How often will human beings be taken in by the slick-talking snake-oil salesmen. They have always been with us it seems, and we always (well enough of us to keep them happy) fall for it.

It someone is offering you 100% for 50% from you, one of the following is true

  • ·         It is 50% rotten
  • ·         The previous markup was at least 75%
  • ·         The other 50% is imaginary
  • ·         You will pay for the missing 50% plus more in the way they structure your finances around it

So why oh why does the so-called sophisticated modern man/woman keep falling for it?

If everyone was FORCED to learn to think, logic tests before you can have your first cup of coffee EVER, would it help?

Not at all, it’s GREED not logic that drives so many.


18 thoughts on “Something for nothing!

  1. A proclivity that frustrates me, too, Sidey. I rant and rave all the time about the local restaurant that spends $40,000 dollars a month for marketing and pr to convince everyone how amazing they are. The number of people who don’t realize how they’re being gamed drives me bonkers.

  2. Funny, the number of things I thought I needed that some high pressure salesman turned me completely off of – I should thank them! 🙂 But, isn’t it one with the gullibility of voters when it comes to politicians’ promises? It gives them someone to blame when things don’t go ‘right’…

  3. Absolutely! But human nature being what it is, one still falls for things like the 99.99 even though one may translate it consciously as 100.00. The subconscious still says, ‘Under 100 – yippee!’

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