Monday musings

Facing a new week. Finish off one project, take back an older one. Start a new one.

I feel tired. I think the time for a holiday is well overdue, but there is a month to go, one of quite a lot of intense work.

However yesterday was a wonderful early summer day, cloudy enough to be cool, lots of rain last night.

A friend and I went visiting some friends who live ‘out in the sticks’. One is a vet who breeds Abyssinians. Now K and I have both bred them. Me – in a very small way to repay the love and delight my Abbys brought me. K – seriously as an improver of the breed.

There were I think 4 families of them. 2 bigger lots that have the run of the main house, 2 smaller sets who stay with their mums in J’s bedroom. His bedroom is sort of ball-room sized, with a wire-mesh patio outside for cats to enjoy the outside as well. He has some really great ‘cages’ for the mums as the two don’t get on, but each happily looks after all the kittens. Each one is a double story so that the mum can hop up on the ledge if the kittens are too demanding, a nice private compartment for the sand box and another nice private compartment for a ‘nest’ when the kittens are very small.

Oh how I wish people who run ‘cat farms’ could be persuaded to do something like this. The kittens and one mum at a time played around us as we sat on the floor. Each getting lots of handling and petting.

In the main house there are seemingly an inexhaustible supply of these lovely lively kittens playing, up and down. With the little yorkie playing as though she too is a kitten. And then when they are tired, a nice safe pen, with another ‘nest’ place so the dogs can’t come and wake the kittens.

Outside, cygnets with their somewhat fierce fathers protecting everyone. A bit scary as they can give you nasty bruises. These little birds, waterproof from the start, happily floating around with those so-glamorous mothers keeping an eye on them.

Then the lambs, hopping around their mums.

The foal who lost her mum some months ago is now a lot bigger, and still just as sweet.

The other mare, midsection rather distended and somewhat uncomfortable looking, due to drop her new foal very soon.

Oh what fun is spring, all this new life.

10 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. It is wonderful, both of them love the cats and kittens so along with visitors like us they are well socialised by the time they go to their new homes. They all have homes waiting, and there seems to be a list of other hopefuls

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