Pinky’s quiz #66

My friend Pink Polka Dot (   ) posts food quizzes. I always answer 100%, but somehow no-one seems to think my mark is 100%

1. What is an Italian dumpling better known as? Gnosh I suppose Mamma Mia?

 2. What is “strata” in culinary terms? In geological terms it’s layers in rocks, so I guess the same, only tastier?

 3. What does “sous vide” means? Sous is under and Vide is ummmm, under something, maybe made under a video watching?

 4. The “fifth taste” discovered by Japanese scientists, called “umami” describes what?   Savouryness – as in yum yum

 5. What are the main ingredients of “vichyssoise? Sounds like a fishy term to me

 6. What is Mentsuyu? Men who suyu whatever that is, maybe an oriental version of Men in Black?

 7. The fruit of which African tree is use to make monkey bread? Monkey tree, duh!

 8. Why is fish traditionally served with lemon? Because its easier to squeeze than a coconut

 9. What is tahini? Squashed sesame seeds, usually used as a dip

 10. What are the basic ingredients of Fregolata, a hard and crumby cake, which are eaten all over northern Italy at the end of a meal? First there is some Frego, and lata add some eggs and flour etc


16 thoughts on “Pinky’s quiz #66

  1. Your answers are 100% clever – I’m sure they beat all the other contestants in the entertainment department (which in my book counts for a lot…) 🙂

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