Weekend Theme

It’s Friday.  The day of the week when we look forward to the weekend, at least those of us who work look forward to it. One of my favourite things about a weekend is, if I have been insomniac during the night and at my normal rising time feel sleepy again, I can usually go back to sleep and catch up on it instead of getting up with a muzzy head full of the need for more sleep.

However I slept well; woke on my own before the radio turned on and was ready to switch off the alarm as it started. A good start to the day.

All this rambling around, not getting to the point bodes ill for today when I have a lot to complete before I turn off work-mode and into weekend-mode.

It’s time to post the weekend theme. This week the decision was easy. You can blame a friend who popped the word up on Facebook last night and made me think of Tim Curry as Dr Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror. He did it with panache. I’m not sure I could strut around in 6inch glittery platform shoes and a laced corset, but then these days, neither could he.


This week the theme is


As usual the only rule is, have fun with the theme. Post your contribution and leave a message here so others can follow the link and read yours along with the others.


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