Am I dreaming?

Dreaming. Something we all do; something we so often forget.

Some people claim they never dream. As we apparently re-sort the day in our minds during dreaming, people who don’t dream would forget so much and eventually go crazy. So much for the claims of “I never dream”.

However I’m a world class dreamer. Mine can even wake me, or does my body wake me and I just happen to be dreaming? Whatever is really occupying my mind comes out in my dreams. So often it is work related.

When you think back into your dreams and how jumbled they can be, (last night before I woke for the last time I was being sent by my niece to run a branch of a software house in Chile!)  I marvel at how the brain is probably making all those amazing links it makes to get us to remember, make connections, store different memories of the same thing in different ways so they are retrievable under different circumstances. (I’m still wondering about Chile – ok?)

Some people believe dreams can tell the future.  Well maybe we are so busy processing thoughts and memories that we put the tiny clues together and our dreaming intuition shows us what it has worked out?

The advice to “sleep on it” for a problem is so often good advice.

I wonder do I actually solve issues by dreaming about them?



13 thoughts on “Am I dreaming?

  1. I know that I had my epiphany last week through dreams, although I can’t tell you what the dream was about. I usually remember my dreams for a short while, but that one was different. Last night was horrible, I remember the dreams, but the worst part was that while I was dreaming I was conscious in a way. It was like I was sleeping and awake at the same time. I’m exhausted and grumpy today.

    1. Obviously the ‘spilling over into consciousness’ didn’t let you rest. I hate it when that happens

      The epiphany was probably after a period of gathering information and storing it till it all fitted together

  2. I had a nightmare last night . . . I was back practicing law. Ack!

    I definitely solve problems (and write) while asleep . . . waking up with the solution (or post) fully formed and ready for implementation (or typing).

  3. I have been retired for some 14 years, and still sometimes dream about work! however the work isn’t necessarily the same as I used to do! Dreaming is a really crazy world.

  4. I’ve told this story to someone – probably Nancy, but anyway, it si very apropos to this post:

    I believe it was George S. Kaufman (but I am not sure, as my memory fails me right now), a famous playwright/screenwriter, who told this story on himself:

    He frequently would dream up great play ideas while in his sleep, but could never hold onto the memory long enough to get it down on paper. So he came up with a plan. He put a pen and a pad of paper by his bed, within his reach, so in case he dreamed up a great idea, he could immediately write it down, and know he could expand on it later that day.

    It so happened that one night he dreamed the perfect play! It was astounding – funny, touching – a sure-fire Pulitzer Prize winner. Perfect plot, everything – he even saw the perfect cast, costumes, lighting, director, producer, etc. Everything! He woke up so excited, and remembered everything in detail. He busily grabbed his pad and pen and wrote it all out. When he had finished, at about 3 a.m. he smiled, satisfied, and went back to sleep, knowing that his new hit was secure.

    He woke up in a great mood. He knew he had it. After eating breakfast, and getting ready for his day, he went to his bedroom and grabbed his “golden” pad of paper. He went into his office and sat down at his desk before his typewriter. With eager anticipation, as he could not remember anything of his dream, except that he had dreamt it, he opened the pad, prepared to transcribe. He saw only two words. “Write play.”

    1. LOL! I love that anecdote. Thanks for sharing. Now I’ll go and write something after a good night’s sleep.

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