Pinky’s quizzy thingy

Pinky’s usual Friday quizzy thingy. And as usual I have answered 100% of them. Don’t laugh at me, I try very hard.

1. Is couscous a grain or pasta? It’s made from wheat, so it’s probably counted as a pasta

2. The dish “Osso bucco” uses what cut of meat? Veal shanks, and afterwards you always say “Shanks for the food!”, not to be confused with oxtail which is usually enev nicer and makes you say Shanks again and again for the food

3. What is “bubble and squeak” made off? Left over veggies, so called because as you fry them they bubble up and squeak in the frying pan

4. Which fruit is used in a black forest cake? Cherries, dark and alcoholic. Yes please, now I feel like some.

5. What are the small snacks served with drinks in Spain called? Tapas, as eaten in Spanish restaurants around here. . My friend who lived in Spain for a few years tells me the local ones are way too fancy. Real Spanish snacks are quite simple.

6. What is “Ciboulette” more commonly known as? These are chives that speak only French, making it easy to eat them as you don’t understand what they are saying

7. Which herb flavours a béarnaise sauce? I guess whichever one you put into it. However my favourite cook says tarragon is the best for it, so I’ll go with that.

8. What is Finocchio? It’s Pinocchios gay brother. So called because the old man carved him from an old and woody fennel plant, leaving the pretty feathery leaves as his ‘oh so unmanageable hair’.

9. What is Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela’s) favourite dish? I bet his tastes changed over time. Yet we all love something from our childhood. So I’ll go with Samp and Beans

10. What kind of fish is used in rollmops? Herring, spoiled by being pickled. I used to work in a German deli and HATED having to get them out of the big jar as I always ended up smelling pickled too

6 thoughts on “Pinky’s quizzy thingy

  1. You must be rubbing elbows with foodies, Sidey ~ you got more right this week than ever before!

    I love Bubbles and Squeak. It’s served in the taverns in Colonial Wmsburg. Yummy!

  2. I think there’s only one question I would have got right here, without extensive research. Love your response to #8 – Fin & Pin, I suppose their friends called them…

    1. I’d only heard the word as derogatory, so I was baffled as to what it meant to foodies, so I asked someone who lived in Italy for a while then the answers just merged 😉

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