Weekend Challenge

It’s Friday, it’s time and I have a happy brain buzzing with so much after a wonderful evening yesterday. A visit to a friend made on the blogs, ostensibly to meet another foodie blogger who turned out to be delightful. To also meet a Facebook person with some real-life connections. And then when I got there – the surprise! Someone whose blog I used to love, well researched and put together, with a twinkle behind the comments. She’s always been shy of meeting other bloggers, but as this was a gathering of Facebook friends she came. We chatted and chatted, we laughed, we drank lovely red wine, we nibbled on edibles, then we chatted some more, punctuating the chat with the laughter. Indeed some were venturesome enough to sing. House of the Rising Sun will never be the same again!

Of course there were others, well loved friends, all made through blogging and now real-life friends.

Two of us ‘came out’. When things on one blogging platform became nasty we created two blog characters and lightened the atmosphere somewhat with their antics.

I have been doing some thinking about awards that are handed out to bloggers (I even won a few in the past). But when they become spam mail they don’t mean too much. That doesn’t stop me thinking that awards can be very pleasant things.

So this weekend it’s NOT a theme, it’s a CHALLENGE to CREATE an award specifically for ONE blogger. For something you think of as a blogging achievement. An exclusive award, given only once to one person.

Post it, obviously with a link to their blog, leave a message here with a link to your post, so we can all go along, read and enjoy.


44 thoughts on “Weekend Challenge

  1. What a lovely challenge. I’ve kind of been out of the loop on the challenges for a while (for numerous reasons) but I am going to ponder this one and see if I can come up with something.

    1. How very interesting. We don’t aklways know what is real here. The clues are usually visible in impossible lives, excessive dramatics, no sense of self-humour, too much ego.

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