Steve Jobs has died from cancer. He was younger than I am. Scary!

He had a mind to appreciate. A man who focused on simplicity. Two-clicks to get anywhere.

He also bought part of Lucasfilm, made Pixar and ended up on the board at Disney.

However, he’s known for Apple. Wosniak moved off into obscurity some time ago. When Jobs left Apple it slumped, he returned, re-focused the company and it boomed again.

A man who took the lead, thought in ways others seemed to find difficult to initiate, yet people related so easily to his concepts. A truly interesting man.

Thanks for making the world a more interesting place Steve.

3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. He will be incredibly missed, Sidey. I started working on his stuff when it was just little Apple Mac stacks: I learnt my journalistic craft on them. A real visionary.

  2. He was amazing. He couldn’t stop ‘seeing’ and creating what he saw.

    One wonders if there is anyone at Apple capable of taking up where he left off and taking us into new elegantly simple tools to make life work easier

  3. My very first computer (many years ago) was a little Mac Plus. It was a fabulous little wonder, and it still holds a special place in my heart.

    Mr. Jobs always inspired me, and I will miss him as will so many others. It is worth looking up his commencement speech givenat Stanford University in the spring of 2005. An extraordinary speech, and an excellent statement on “connecting the dots” in one’s life.

    Listen to that speech here:(it is very much worth anyone’s time!)

    A comment I heard shortly after his death was made by Dr. Nancy Sniderman: “Steve Jobs was the first man who taught us to want what we did not really need, and create a need out of that thing we wanted.”

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