• 1 [with object] taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it to the full: gourmets will want to savour our game specialities
  • enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it: I wanted to savour every moment



Something I am doing at present. Savouring a book, keeping it for special times to read. Enjoying the world I step into every time I get into it.

I just love it when a good author gets even better. I have been reading Donna Leon’s books about Inspector Brunetti for some years now and every new release is a joy for me. I love some forms of whodunit, and hers are subtle, interesting and intriguing. Her main characters, as in real life there are many, have such depth and interest. The relationship between Brunetti and his wife, their understanding of each other after years of marriage, their tolerance for each other’s foibles make one realise what a good writer can do with just a few words.

This week I am sweating it out with my favourite detective in Venice at the height of summer. Battling the blockages built into the system by both corruption and laziness, looking at the world with not weariness, but understanding of how things are, and how to make things work in a malfunctioning bureaucracy.

I’m enjoying the simple Italian fare for hot weather. Wishing I could see Signora Elettra’s constant high-class wardrobe. Wishing to eavesdrop on the family conversations in which the teenagers are eco-warriors, yet still have their own uncertainties in the midst of being “right” about everything.

Oh the pleasures of well written books.

6 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Iheard this author being interviewed a week or so back, but haven’t read any of her books. Maybe I need to!

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