Tornados here?

When I was a small child, as we drove on holiday to what was back then Rhodesia, we went through a town that had been hit by a tornado the previous day. I remember power or telephone lined dangling loose, tin roofing in places you didn’t expect.

I don’t think I understood the fear involved in having the wind come along in a fierce looking tunnel and break your house apart.

In the last few years we have watched so many weather and other Earth-happenings affect people so badly. The numbers of people who now can video these events makes it more possible for people to have some idea of how it appears at a distance.

I suspect being there and feeling the full might of air, water or earthquake is quite a different experience from the voyeur’s role we can play afterwards.

10 thoughts on “Tornados here?

  1. Nature is throwing temper tantrums with increasing frequency around the world. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet, the worst is still to come.

    1. it is definitely worse than for a while
      as a child i heard of tsunami as a sort of theoretical issue, now they have happened and killed so many, devastated so much

    1. it was, luckily most of the damage was “stuff” and not people, but they must have been so scared, and now have to cope with putting their homes and lives back together again

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