Adeeyoyo’s TAG

Playing tag!

I was tagged by Adeeyoyo, who passed on the following questions. As they are not just inane questions over my preference in things that don’t occur or are not available in Joburg, I decided to play along (to a degree).

As I have been blogging since 2007 on Letterdash, and here for a while now I’m not quite sure of most of these answers.

1. My most beautiful post:

I have no idea, very occasionally I’m told something I wrote is beautiful.

2. My most popular post:

Here it was apparently on December 10th 2010 – the weekend theme which was”Looking Back”

On Letterdash – well there have been so many posts over so many years, I have absolutely no way to find out.

3. My most controversial post:

I have no idea; possibly anywhere I attacked the trolls on Letterdash?

4. My most helpful post:

Any of my answers to Pinky’s Quiz. I pass on so much valid and useful information about food;-)

5. My most surprisingly popular post:

I did a post for a weekend theme called Dancing. So many people told me how it ended, and that wasn’t what I’d planned, it led to over 100 ‘episodes’ of the thing. So maybe because it spawned so many other posts it was the most popular.

6. My post that didn’t get enough attention:

Goodness, that’s a tough question. My very first post didn’t get any comments for years. Maybe that was the one?

7. My magnum opus:

I think my guardian angel stories? I hope not the soap opera!


Now I’m supposed to tage a whole slew of other bloggers. As I always find the pressure nasty, I’m going to tag anyone who has difficulty finding something to write about now that they have done the weekend theme.

13 thoughts on “Adeeyoyo’s TAG

  1. Good answers, I have no idea to track back through all my posts, but the one that got hundreds and hundreds of comments and views was when the LD people had a nasty party on my blog in my absence. It still rankles after all this time.

    1. Cindy

      That was a horrid experience.

      You have posted so much over the years that has brought delight to many. It would be hard to choose between them

  2. Well, the most popular, and the most surprisingly popular are two different things.. but what do I know… I am having to stand side ways in hopes to get a peripheral understanding of what the HELL all three of you just said.. of course… it could quite possibly be because…I’m a man

    1. mr thunderson sir,
      We three have been blogging together for some time now. I guess we have some shortcuts that leave others out in the cold. my apologies.

      The nastyness was created by troll-types who were very jealous of Cindy’s popularity as a blogger. One pretended to be a friend and really did damage to Cindy. After that night of the ‘long keyboards’ Cindy left that platform and moved to WordPress.

      Of course over time the universe has had its revenge on the trolls, but it was really horrid.

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