Pinky’s Quiz

Pinky’s posted her quiz for the weekend, so I’ve done it and answered 100%. Accuracy is all in the eye of the beholder.


1. What is an éclade des moules? Well a moule is a mill (or is it a slipper), and Eclade must have something to do with accolades, so it’s probably the equivalent for the Oscar for best actor, awarded to a mill (or maybe some slippers?)


2. What is spaetzle? That’s the question, isn’t it? There was a white wine from Delheim that had Spaetlze in the name – something to do with bird poop in the wine. What a bad vision!


3. What type of animal correctly predicted Germany’s FIFA world cup win?  That was a raw calamari


4. What is the difference between butterscotch and caramel? Butterscotch tastes better


5. What is the main ingredient of the Middle Eastern spread called baba ganoush? Aubergine (Eggplant)


6. What is the main ingredient of the Italian aperitif, called cynar? Cyanide springs to mind, hopefully wrongly.


7. Why is starfruit toxic to patients with chronic renal failure? It must be bad for them? Did you know that one of the symptoms of star-fruit poisoning is hiccoughs? I wonder can one die from hiccoughs?


8. What is bitterballen? Bitter is sour and ballen is balls, so I guess pickled balls (though of what I have no idea)


9. What gives red velvet cake its red colour? Easy – red food colour or sometimes beetroot (I just hope it’s not blood)


10. What are the main ingredients of a Californian roll? There’s first California and then there’s roll, so I guess there is rice and fish and cucumber and seaweed of you happen to have any lying around at the Sushi bar.


15 thoughts on “Pinky’s Quiz

  1. Death from hiccoughs is not at all uncommon.

    When winemaker Michael ‘Spatz’ Sperling started making wine at Delheim in the late 1950s, not all his guests were particularly complimentary about his early efforts. In fact, one lady declared that his wine “tastes like sh*t”. And so the Spatzendreck label was born, featuring the now-famous brazen pooping sparrow, relieving itself into a wooden cask. (The name Spatzendreck translates into ‘sparrow sh*t’ in German.) –

  2. I just loooove your answers,Sidey!!! Thanks for always cheering me up with your funny and witty answers!! I hope you will have a great week!

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