Endings and beginnings

Yesterday saw my last day on a project. I’m glad to be leaving, dealing with a conflict of interest is never easy, and doing so when the party you represent is not always truthful is even more difficult. However now I’m free of that. Watching someone who should be a leader pick up on what […]

The Skate-ing continues

Having little formal knowledge of what creature developed when in Earth’s history, (other than being able to trace on record my own arrival) I was wondering about that odd-looking skate. When did they start, who else was around then? Surprise surprise! Dinosaurs.   Early Marsupials and mammals. Herbivores not too far different from those we […]

Eating suprising things

Yesterday my sister fed me skate wings for supper. They are very odd with bits that are more cartilage than bone. Obviously they need the cartilage for the flexibility and strength in the ‘wings’. They are rather bland tasting and dealing with the gristly-bits makes it an interesting eating experience. However I made a bit […]

Competition day

After a late-ish breakfast watching the bokke win resoundingly (I’m a South African and our national team was playing in the world cup in New Zealand) I went to the movies. Not just any movie, something different. The world’s largest timed filmmaking competition, the 48 hour film project has come to Joburg. Sounds odd. 48 […]

Weekend Theme

The weekend is nearly here. Instead of my usual anticipation there is a feeling of weariness. After Tuesday I’m off the project. Took this stage live, now I can go. Away from people who lie and abuse me. Away from a huge conflict of interest, I can’t protect those who don’t deliver but politically I […]

Thursday morning thoughts

I’m reading (in snippets) a little book with the interesting title of “Never kiss a man in a canoe”, which turns out to be a collection of the “words of wisdom” from the agony aunts over the years. This morning I am in a section that covers a few questions about changing colour mostly about […]

Monday musings

10 years ago today I woke early, packed, checked out of our hotel room and went for an early breakfast prior to boarding a bus for the airport. Flying from Beijing to the next city. Then listening in on conversation, “What were they talking about, some wild violent film?” Slowly I began to realise they […]

The curly bits

The curly bits on letters are called serifs. Apparently they make reading easier by providing minute signals to the brain that help identify letters more quickly. The difference is not always that easy to see, but then you look at these And you realise that the serifs really do help.

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday. Almost the end of a long and busy week. I did manage to take some time now and then, if not to smell the flowers, at least to look at them. Something I came to realise this week is that there are ‘curly bits’ to almost everything, from food to fashion, from hairstyles […]

The daily drive

Over much of my working life I haven’t worked in just one office, but at different customer sites, necessitating rush hour or other travel in many different directions. One of the benefits of this has been I have come to know my city better than some do. It also means I know some of the […]