Happy Birthday Supergran

Today is the birthday of a very special friend. She was the first blogger I met ‘for real’. I was somewhat nervous as I had managed to get myself lost in her hometown the previous evening and had accepted her offer to be collected at the BnB to go off for supper somewhere.

Her name Supergran and her claims to fame were many. She was the oldest living woman on earth, her speed with her zimmerframe was legendary, those dangerous knitting needles to be avoided at all costs, and her capabilities with a ‘vase of zesty white’ were known on 16 continents in multiple universes.

I need only have worried about my sides. We had a great evening, and I laughed myself sore. She has proved to be a good friend in the years since then.

So wondering what else (other than she) happened to the world on September 29th I went looking on the web what happened here in South Africa on this day. Nothing noted.

That being a great source of nothing, I looked on the web to see what happened round the world ‘today’ back in the past.

1573 – Michelangelo Buanarroti, was born, ensuring we knew about aeroplanes and other marvels long before the supporting technical advances had been made, leading me to believe the poor man had been transported in time, somewhere along the way.

1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes king of Scotland , YAWN!!!!!!!

1758 – England’s Admiral Horatio Nelson was born, paving the way for making bowls the world’s first riveting sporting event.

1924 – Marcello Mastroianni, Rome Italy, actor (8«, La Dolce Vita) – part of the never-ending flood of Italian men with dreamy looks and captivating accents

1925 – Seymour Cray, inventor (Cray I computer) Without men like him we’d still all be using the abacus and yelling to each other instead of sending text messages.

And then – there it was!

2004 Evidence found at Barberton confirms theory of life on earth as early as about 3.4 billion years ago.

As some people may know we are uncertain as to the age of Supergran. But this may be the first clue.

Regardless of that – Happy Birthday Supergran, we may never know your true age, but we are sure of you.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Supergran

  1. Thank you sidey, that first meeting was in 2007 – can you believe how time has flown! We are long overdue to get together again, I really must get my derrier into gear and get up to Joeys. xxx

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