Spring rain

Oh for spring rains.

That first real rain of spring, water everywhere.

You can almost hear the ground creak and groan as it expands from its hard dry state to take in the precious moisture.

The lovely smell of rain on the dusty ground, the hot roads, the trees, new leaves washed clean of the dust on those pretty new leaves.

And after that you can almost hear the little roots, spreading out, gathering in the moisture and pumping it like crazy, everywhere, filling stems, leaves and even starting on the buds or fruit.

You may gather from all of this that we haven’t had a real spring rain yet.

Over the last 2 days I have been watering my garden, a very soft trickle soaking in, going deep, not splashing around and wasting the precious water. I can see a deeper green already, plants appreciating the bounty.

The violets suddenly all a-bloom, little faces pointing skywards, showing off how pretty they are.


5 thoughts on “Spring rain

  1. Been very dry in Florida last few years. This is serious because Lake Okeechobee is the collector to hold water for 15 million people in South Florida. The water flows south into the wetlands and Everglades which filter it and it is then held in a 6 county underground aquifer. A problem with global warming will be a dramatic change in the earth’s weather patterns turning some vast farmlands into deserts and desert areas into farmland. You can imagine what a huge economic and social upheaval this will cause planet wide. In the case of South Florida an increase in sea level will cause salt water intrusion in the aquifer destroying the entire freshwater ecosystem. See you made a retired history teacher rant just because you watered a few flowers!

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