Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger award! Thank you (I think) to Sons of Thunder Patron.

What it entails is me telling you 7 things you didn’t know about me, and then nominating other bloggers for the award.

I’m not sure what you lot know / don’t know about me. So I’ll share some things that seem to have surprised some fellow bloggers over the years.

First off {1} I’m female and {2} live in Johannesburg, South Africa. My good friend Cindy who I met blogging on a South African Blog site thought I was a man in Denmark for quite a while.

{3} I’m not a very girly girl. (I think I cheated with this one as it’s pretty obvious from the above)

OK nearly half way – I can do this.

Then {4} I CAN’T sing – if you ask me to do so, prepare for a headache that lasts longer than you ever thought one could last.

Past the half-way mark – Phew!

{5} As a youngster I wanted to be a pilot or a horticulturalist, I have done a fair bit of flying round the world and locally (planes and balloons) and love my garden, which gets tackled in spasms so it’s never what it should be.

{6} I LOVE chocolate. A small piece of DARK chocolate satisfies me for quite a while. I am a lot less fond of sugary sweets, it’s the CHOCOLATE that is the lure.

{7} I’m not quite right in the head. I’ve been in that demanding and so frustrating IT world for over 36 years and yet can’t seem to escape.


Now for passing on the award. Most of those I would nominate have already been nominated by sonsofthunder, so I’m out looking at the blogs I like which have not had a mention elsewhere. I’m afraid I won’t make 15 people to nominate, but then I’m not too good at rules (another thing I forgot to tell you)

I have cat (I forgot to tell you I am fascinated by cats and am owned by two)

Ruth, whose blog turtle memoirs always has something to make one think

Tilly whose blog The Laughing Housewife makes me laugh, makes me think

Paula Tohline Calhoun whose blog Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror is one I always enjoy reading

TINMAN always makes me giggle, his sense of humour is irrepressible  Worth Doing Badly is where to find him


And I think that’s enough.



14 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. And ain’t I eternally grateful that you turned out not to be a Danish gent. Almost four years since that Hodges session. I love you to bits 🙂 Through thick and thin we’ve been, innit?

    1. me too, I can’t imagine being a Danish gent (however nice they may be)

      We met in cold-ish weather, can’t even remember when now, seems like yiu have been a part of my life for ever

  2. Dear Guy In Denmark,
    Please sing a song for Cindy.
    And as you said; “As a youngster I wanted to be a pilot or a horticulturalist” Maybe you can be a Pink”Heliculturalist” instead.
    And if you really want to escape the IT world, you can find the “Escape Button Here” You’ll still probably be a little crazy, but, we like you that way: Sorry, wordpress’s new shortlink doesn’t work correctly…it actually IS A SHORT link…too short to copy quick enough.
    Bless You

    1. Hey there, I’m female in Jo’burg

      I do grow snails, but find that when I scatter pieces of eggshell I have fewer of them. I did do Pinky’s quiz, she’s always so kind about my lack of knowledge 😉

      as for the escape key, tried that, but the industry is way too entrancing to leave

      I did once lose a key on the keyboard I carried around with me, turned out there was no f-in keyboard

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