Endings and beginnings

Yesterday saw my last day on a project. I’m glad to be leaving, dealing with a conflict of interest is never easy, and doing so when the party you represent is not always truthful is even more difficult. However now I’m free of that. Watching someone who should be a leader pick up on what someone has just said that is different from what he said a few moments before and claim that was what he meant. Hehe, let them battle with that without me.

I’m also getting over a nasty viral flu, cough and conjunctivitis. So if this is also the end of that, then it makes 2 endings.

The next project is already lined up. Happily I’m working with someone who is dead straight, knows what she thinks, can articulate it and the reasons behind it. But before that 3 days of teaching. One of my directors is on the course, this could add an element of interest.

Working with people is always interesting, sometimes in nice ways, and sadly, sometimes not.


14 thoughts on “Endings and beginnings

  1. the theft of someone else’s ideas is intellectual property theft.
    Not easy to deal with, and we have all had that at some time in our lives.
    The heart of any business relationship is honesty. I am sure you were right to leave that environment.
    Also I hope your horrid viri leave you soon, Sidey.


    1. John, it is dishonest. Yet he can’t see this.

      Luckily my job is defined by engagements of varying lengths, the really wonderful ones to be enjoyed, the horrid ones to be endured till they end.

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