The Skate-ing continues

Having little formal knowledge of what creature developed when in Earth’s history, (other than being able to trace on record my own arrival) I was wondering about that odd-looking skate. When did they start, who else was around then?

Surprise surprise! Dinosaurs.


Early Marsupials and mammals. Herbivores not too far different from those we know today, and so on. Quite an explosive time for changing things.


So I’ve added a few pics, just to put Mr Skate into a temporal neighbourhood context.


5 thoughts on “The Skate-ing continues

  1. The land dinosaurs were colorful, slightly feathered and social like bees within their own species They ran like birds and more evidence is accepted that they evolved into birds in that they were so huge they spent every waking hour eating to sustain the metabolism. They had to find a way to minimalize themselves.

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