Eating suprising things

Yesterday my sister fed me skate wings for supper. They are very odd with bits that are more cartilage than bone. Obviously they need the cartilage for the flexibility and strength in the ‘wings’.

They are rather bland tasting and dealing with the gristly-bits makes it an interesting eating experience.

However I made a bit of a mistake. Safely tucked in bed I looked them up on the web. Never look up what you just ate!





Thanks to Wikipedia


20 thoughts on “Eating suprising things

      1. Mmmh I’m not a great cook … 😦
        But I guess that’s how my mum used to cook them when I was a kid !
        I have to admit I haven’t eaten those “things” for a long long while !!!
        I read, you can cook them with liquid crème fraîche (single cream), parsley, tarragon, onions and white wine.

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