Weekend Theme

The weekend is nearly here. Instead of my usual anticipation there is a feeling of weariness. After Tuesday I’m off the project. Took this stage live, now I can go. Away from people who lie and abuse me. Away from a huge conflict of interest, I can’t protect those who don’t deliver but politically I was under pressure to pretend they did fine. Such a relief.

Meanwhile the writing weekend awaits. That means what is the theme for the weekend?

As the rugby world cup is on in New Zealand I suspect this has to have an influence on me.

So this weekend the theme is


30 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. When my granddaughter was three I taught her to play simple dominoes matching the cartoon characters(not dots as normal). I would let her win and make such a fuss about losing and about how smart she was and the time or two I would win I would gloat in a soft and kind way. One day she exclaimed “Grandpa, it does not matter who wins, because we are having fun.” What kind of socialist trash are the schools teaching our kids about competition? Everyone knows it is the American way and the Christian way to destroy the opponent mercilessly, rub his nose in blood and make the kid run crying home to his mother!

    1. I confess to being disappointed that we didn’t get a rocking discussion about capitalism and its shortcoming going today . . . but it is my own fault.

      What the hell was I thinking posting this post on a Friday ~ at the end of a long hard work week???

      My bad.

      Enjoy the weekend!

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