Thursday morning thoughts

I’m reading (in snippets) a little book with the interesting title of “Never kiss a man in a canoe”, which turns out to be a collection of the “words of wisdom” from the agony aunts over the years.

This morning I am in a section that covers a few questions about changing colour mostly about dyeing, eyebrows and hair. One sad experience of going to a chap who dyes eyebrows left the poor girl with eyebrows “a full half an inch wide, and came down the corners of my eyes like the curl of a snake!” Her attempts to rectify this with various household remedies resulted in bright red eyebrows, possibly even more startling.

Another with red hair begged for advice and a recipe for a dye to turn it darker. This rather sensible agony aunt told her red hair is very attractive when well maintained.

An extremely wise piece of advice related to colouring the skin: “Rebecca – No cheek was yet improved by rouge on which the sun shone. This remark, however, does not apply to gaslight as we have seen complexions at the theatre, which would, and indeed must have looked ghostly, without its aid” The weekly magazine 1869

I started thinking how we women over the years have done so many weird things to be more attractive.

I once decided I wanted to see what it felt like to be a brunette. I bought a wonderful potion that was a hair-setting gel as well as a temporary hair colorant. I used it before a party. Fortunately it was a party of rather unusual people who all commented that they liked my multi-coloured hair. The next week or two as it slowly washed out were rather less happy though, comments ranged from the careful to the blatantly nasty.

I still yearn just once to blow dry my hair very smooth and spray on leopard print spots! I obviously didn’t really learn from that experience.

10 thoughts on “Thursday morning thoughts

  1. On my Purple poem post, Tammy said:

    There is an elderly woman who works in my building who has dyed her hair purple and any time I see her, I think of this poem. Her purple warms my heart.

    Have FUN!

  2. Hahaha, you lot! I’ve been platinum, red (titian), black and all colours in between. Now I am platinum again, but this time au naturel. But I did and still do feel that a change is as good as a holiday! Unfortunately I have become allergic to the hair colorants… 😦

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