The daily drive

Over much of my working life I haven’t worked in just one office, but at different customer sites, necessitating rush hour or other travel in many different directions. One of the benefits of this has been I have come to know my city better than some do. It also means I know some of the “best” routes for garden watching. I’m a devotee of the by-way rather than the high way. Allowing some extra time to admire the gardens (or what is visible of them) is a regular treat for myself.

The older parts of Johannesburg suburbs have many trees. Indeed it’s the most densely treed city in the world, where the trees are all man-planted. It looks like sub-tropical rainforest from space. Every spring I enjoy “MY” trees. Ones on specific routes that do special things for me. At present my daily route takes me along tree-lined roads where there are stretches of road where the trees still stand stark in their winter pose, other stretches have trees bursting out into gentle fuzzy green, others that are quite well greened and the leaves are making dancing shadows. There is the odd oak tree, already in full leaf, looking rather serious.

A block from my home is a house that has fruit-blossom trees. Those variants cultivated for the flower and not the fruit. Yesterday morning I stopped and took this, to share a little of my “daily beauty”; not yet at its peak, but getting there.


10 thoughts on “The daily drive

  1. Beautiful, Sidey. Wouldn’t be wonderful if all our suburbs country-wide could look like that? And there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t. Many people would donate once the ball got rolling; problem here is to get it rolling!

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