Tuesday morning musings

Traffic time yesterday. At the first stop I turned on the Bluetooth connection and dialled a friend. So busy chatting that on the way to the next stop I automatically avoided the longest queue. Oops! MISTAKE!

Had I done as I usually do and gone on straight (even though the queue looked longer) I would have been home a lot earlier.

15 minutes and 2 blocks later the cause of the slowdown became visible. A bus. Not just any bus, but one broken down, blocking 2 of 3 lanes of traffic.

Just after the last chance to turn away it became visible. Sitting there like a malevolent blob. Making us squeeze into one-by-one-by-one as some dithered and turned what could have been an even (if a little constrained) flow of vehicles into something less graceful. I suppose those car ads with drivers all performing perfectly do take some practice and the occasional dinged car, which most of us try not to do.

As I sped away (under the limit but after the last crawling minutes it felt like speed) I pondered on the nature of traffic blockages and my reactions. I’d almost turned back at the previous intersection and sought an alternate route, but longish seeming streams of cars there convinced me otherwise. As I edged past the turning they suddenly cleared, showing me the second mistake of the evening drive.

The lure of “the OTHER route” is one I have over the years occasionally found irresistible. Yet the fact that I do so usually means others are doing the same. So often it has led to an even longer trip.  Is the sense of adventure, to take the ‘other road’ a good thing or bad.

My verdict is still pending.




11 thoughts on “Tuesday morning musings

  1. This is why I won’t live or work in the city! Queues in the countryside are not unknown of course, but the options for finding another route, when you know the area are sometimes better. And the scenery…..makes it all more bearable 🙂

  2. It’s been some time since I sat in a traffic jam (or queue). I usually turn on the radio and enjoy the respite.

    One more reason that I tend to steer clear of large cities. Too many people. Too much traffic. Too many opportunities to ask whether I followed the right or the wrong road.

  3. I don’t mind that much when everyone behaves themselves. It’s the idiots who think they can make their own lives easier by making everyone else’s experience harder that get me. Congestion is a consequence of humans living in cities. Not too much we can do about it

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